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Want to apologize to your wife? Looking for an apology letter to make an apology to wife? If yes, then this page is right for you. We often fall short of words when it comes to making an apology letter, this is where you need to take reference from the samples shared below. It’s good you have decided to apologize for your mistakes, use the samples shared below to write down a perfect apology. You know your wife very well, what she likes and what not, so make sure to keep that into consideration while making an apology letter. No standard format is required when it comes to apologizing to wife, use your inner feeling as a format to write a letter.

Below we’ve shared two sample letters that people can use to write down an apology letter. Check out the samples to see which one is closet to your situation. You can use them as it is or modifies them to make your own apology letter as per the situation that you are involved in.

Apology Letter to Wife

Sample 1:

Dear {Wife},

I made a mistake at {mention place}. I didn’t realize at that time but now I regret my mistake. I’ve done mistakes in the past and I’m sure you’re getting used to that by now. I understand you’re really angry because of my actions. My love, I didn’t mean to do that. The whole situation becomes messed up and I end up making you angry. It was stupid of me to do that.

I often silly mistakes to keep the fun going, but hurting your feelings is the last thing that I would do. I’m sure situation like these will make us even stronger as a couple. I’m hoping you will understand and pardon me for my mistakes.

I love more than anything in the world. I’ve made a mistake and ready to face your wrath as well. I absolutely deserve it because only an idiot would {action}.

I love you, {Wife}, you are my life and I am so sorry. These type of mistakes I will never repeat, but looking forward to the silly mistakes we’ll make together in the future.

Your idiot yet sweet husband,


Letter of Apology to Wife

Sample 2:

Dear {Wife},

Hello sweetie, I know you are angry with me for what I have done {action}. It was really stupid of me to do such as mistake, but it was never intended. I never want to hurt your feelings in any way you know that. Whatever happened was because of the situation that we were in.

I wish I could take back what I did. I can’t, so I’m hoping we can move forward together.

If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I’d like to grovel in person. You are a love of my life and hurting you is the last thing I will do in the world. I love you, {Wife}, and I am so sorry.

Your and only your husband,


Use these letter samples as a reference to make an apology letter to your wife. Make sure to use the right words while writing. For more such letter samples & examples, keep visiting us. We hope these letters will help you in writing a perfect apology letter.

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