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Have you ever snooped into someone {purse/drawers/email}? If yes, then it’s not cool to investigate like that and you should apologize to that person. Use the Apology Letter for Snooping samples shared below to write an apology letter and make things better again. Nothing gives us the right to invade someone privacy and check their personal stuff. It doesn’t matter how close we are to that person, we should always respect each other privacy.

If you want to apologize for snooping then please use the apology letter samples shared below and write an appropriate apology for your mistakes.

Sample 1: Apology Letter for Snooping

Dear {Name},

I apologize for my behavior the other day. I apologize for snooping in your {purse/drawers/email}. I shouldn’t have done that and I’m deeply ashamed of my actions. We share a very lovely relation and you never gave me a reason to distrust you and I respect you for that.

I was just curious to see what’s in there. I realize the fact that it’s not cool to invade into someone privacy and I won’t repeat this type of behavior ever again. I hope you will understand this and pardon me for the silly mistake that I’ve done.

I learned my lesson and I promise you complete privacy from now onwards.




Sample 2: Letter of Apology for Snooping

Dear {Name},

I know you’re angry with my behavior last night. You caught me snooping in your {purse/drawers/email}. I don’t what happened and why did I start checking your {purse/drawers/email}. My intentions were not bad, I just wanted to see what’s in there. I understand this is not the way to check things even though we share a good bond together. It doesn’t matter how close we are, we should respect each other privacy.

I learned my lesson and won’t repeat this mistake ever in life. I respect your privacy.



Take reference from these samples to make your own apology letter. If you want other apology letter samples, then check out other articles. Keep on checking this site for more and more useful apology letter samples in other categories and formats.

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