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Apology Letter for Not Coming to Work: Missed your working day? Looking for an apology letter to say sorry for being absent at work? It’s really a good move that you’ve decided to say sorry for not coming to work. No one tolerates unprofessional behavior and it’s not cool to take a day off without informing as it cause stress, delays or frustration among the entire team. If you are in a situation where you failed to inform ahead of time then it’s time to use these apology letter sample yo say sorry for the inconvenience that you caused.

These letters are written for a particular situation of not coming to work only. To order to edit this apology letter, you need to copy the sample, paste in MS word, make changes as per your situation, and then forward it. As you can see below that four-letter samples are shared below, pick the one that closely describes your situation closely.


Apology Letter for Not Coming to Work


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I apologize for not being able to come to the office. I did send an email explaining my circumstances but due to internet issues, it didn’t deliver at the right time. I had a severe case of food poisoning. I had no choice but to go to the ER where I was given an IV to keep dehydration at bay. Even though I was much better by the afternoon, there was no way that I could have reported to work, even for the latter part of the day.

Thank you for understanding my situation. Please rest assured that I will make up for yesterday’s lost time by working over the weekend, or putting in extra hours.



{Your Name}


Letter of Apology for Not Coming to Work


Dear {Mr./Ms. Last Name},

I offer my sincere apologies for my absence on {mention date}. I understand that my sudden absence from the work had caused stress, delays or frustration among the entire team. It was highly unprofessional of me for not informing ahead of time. I disrupted the performance of you, my coworkers and the company at large and I am really sorry for that.

I will not offer any excuses for my absence. Next time I will call ahead and explain the situation thoroughly so that you are not put in a difficult position. I hope that you will pardon me this time and I promise that this type of mistake won’t happen again in the future.


{Your Name}


So these are few apology letter samples that a person can use to say sorry for being absent at work. If you find these letters useful, then please share with other people as well who might be looking for them. Use the comment section if you need any specific apology letter. Keep visiting Get Apology Letter for more such useful sorry letter samples.

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