Apology Letter for Missing Appointment – Sample, Example

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Did you miss the appointment? Have you missed the appointment? Want to apologize for missing an appointment? If yes, then here are free apology letter samples or examples that will assist you in making an apology letter for missing appointment. In this busy life, we often miss appointments due to any possible reason i.e. stuck in traffic, forget to add the reminder, wake up late etc. If due to any reason you missed the appointment and let other people wait for you then you should apologize to make things better.

It could be an important appointment, so before rescheduling the appointment, why not apologize for your careless behavior. A nice apology would definitely make other people feel nice and important. It doesn’t matter whether you’re senior or junior, on should always apologize to make things go smoothly in future. Two letter samples are shared below, use anyone to write down your own apology letter for missing appointment.

Apology Letter for Missing Appointment

Sample 1:

Dear {Name},

I’m writing this letter to apologize for not showing up at the appointment yesterday. I realize the fact that how important this meeting was and I should be present there on time. I was stuck in traffic, and as a result, I could not able to reach the destination on time.

Well, there is no excuse for my oversight. I’m ready to meet whenever you’re free. I hope that you will consider rescheduling. Please let me know when you’re free next.

Once again I’m sorry for missing the appointment. I hope it doesn’t affect our professional relationship. I promise that this type of mistake won’t happen again in future. I would be waiting for your response.




Letter of Apology for Missing Appointment

Sample 2:

Dear {Name},

I am so sorry for missing the appointment yesterday. I forget to put the reminder, and as a result, I was not able to present for the appointment. It was really careless of me for doing such a thing.  I acknowledge the fact that you took your precious time from a busy schedule for this appointment. Our meeting was important to me.

I really apologize for my mistakes and I hope that you will consider rescheduling. I’d like to meet at your convenience, at a location closer to your office. Please let me know what time might work for you. I Promise there won’t be any carelessness from my side. I already have committed to set an alarm for all important activities. I deeply regret having wasted your time.



We hope these letter sample, and examples serve their purpose by helping you in writing an error-free apology letter. If you find these letter useful then why not share with other people as well who might be seeking them. If you need any other help related to apology letters then do let us know through the comment section. Keep on checking this space for more apology letters.

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