Apology Letter for Ignoring Person

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Have you ever ignored somebody? Unintentionally or intentionally we all ignored some people in life. The reason could be anything, maybe we don’t like that person, maybe we don’t want to face that person or any other reason. Well, here we’re providing you some samples of apology letter for ignoring a person. If you’ve ignored some person and want to apologize for the same then check out the examples shared here to make your own apology letter and make things better.

As mentioned above that there could be any reason for ignoring somebody, so we’ve tried to cover as much as possibilities as possible. You need to check out the letters from below and see which defines your situation perfectly. If none, then take reference from these samples, check the format, and prepare your own apology letter as per your situation. All the letters are available here for free. Download or copy them to make an apology letter.

Sample 1: Apology Letter for Ignoring Person

Dear {Recipient},

I would like to apologize for my behavior the other day. I was ignoring you at {Place, party, or any other thing} due to some reasons. There were people around me whom I can’t leave at that moment. I know that was really rude of me to ignore you completely, but that was never intended. Deep down I was waiting to meet and greet you, but the situation forces me to do the opposite.

I hope you understand my situation, you have a very special part in my life. I promise that this type of thing will never happen again in future. I’m looking forward to seeing you very soon.



Sample 2: Letter of Apology for Ignoring Person

Dear {Name},

I apologize for ignoring you the other day. That was very rude of me to be on the phone when you were there around me. I could have come to greet you in a respectful manner. I didn’t realize at that time, but now I understand that I should not have done that. I hope you understand me and we will continue to have a beautiful relation that we share.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at {future event}. I promise my phone will be put away and you will have my full attention.


{Your Name}

We hope that you find the correct sample and might have created an apology letter. If yes, then why not share or recommend this site to other people as well on social media platforms. Keep checking this site for more and more useful apology letters in other categories, format, and layout. If you have anything to communicate with us then use the comment section.

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