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Apology Letter for Aggressive Behavior: Anger is something which destroys everything. Have you ever faced a problem because of your anger problem or aggressive behavior? If you have anger issues then you must do something regarding that. Here you can find Apology Letter for Aggressive Behavior so if you have ever made someone pissed or angry because of your angry behavior then use these apology letter samples to say sorry. These apology letters are specially designed for aggressive behavior only so use them to make your own apology letter. Saying sorry is a way of making a step forward towards a good relationship. A human is a social animal who can’t survive with other people. So, keep your anger aside and use these well-written apology letter examples.

A word (.doc) file is also available below each apology letter format. If you want to download it then simply click on the link or else copy the apology letter and then paste it into the MS word. Make sure to customize the letter as per your own situation. Be polite, humble, and sorry while preparing an apology letter.


Apology Letter for Aggressive Behavior


Dear {Receiver’s Name},

Please accept my apologies for being aggressive and rude to you the other day. I was really pissed due to the situation going on at the office {explain situation} and didn’t realize that I was letting my anger out on you. To be very honest, I meant none of that. It was pure because of anger, you’re my close friend and have always been there with me in happy and sad times. I am deeply ashamed of my behavior and I apologize for the same.

I hope that you will forgive me. That day I had lost my mind. I didn’t know what I was saying & doing. I should have kept my professional problems aside. I’m hopeful that you will understand me and pardon me for my aggressive behavior.

Lots of love and well wishes,

{Your Name}


Sample Letter of Apology for Aggressiveness


Dear {Name},

I am writing this letter to say sorry for what happened on that day {mention day}. My behavior at {place/incident} was absolutely rude, aggressive, and unacceptable. I have these anger problems from a long time and now I have seen a therapist for anger management course. Again I am so sorry for being aggressively inappropriate, in your face, and out of control.

I hope that you will understand me and our friendship will remain the same. If not, I completely understand if you want to avoid interacting with me in the future. Please let me know how I can support your wishes to that end.




Aggressive, rude, and unprofessional behavior is not tolerated by anyone especially at school, college, and offices. But it happens often that we unintentionally react aggressively to a situation. If that happens with you and you are apologetic then please use the samples of Apology Letter for Aggressive Behavior from above to say sorry and make things a little better.

You can also share these letters with your friends, colleagues, and family using the sharing button. If you want any specific apology letter then reach us through the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

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