Apology for Hitting Car – Letter, Samples, Examples

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Did you hit someone’s car? Want to apologize for hitting a car? If yes, then use the Apology for Hitting Car samples shared here to write down your own apology letters. It’s hard to come up with right words when it comes to write an apology letter. If you”re looking for some reference letters then check out the samples shared below, use them as a reference to write down an apology letter.

People love their car especially when it’s from their own money. If you’ve hit somebody’s car intentionally or unintentionally then you must apologize for this mistake. People are quite emotional when it comes to their precious items. Make up for your mistake by writing an apology letter. Feel free to use the samples shared below, copy them, and customize them as per your situation.

Apology Letter for Hitting Car

Sample 1:

Dear Owner of {Car Make/Model},

I am very sorry to inform you that I hit your car today. I was driving in the market and then suddenly {Brief description of how it happened}. The scratch is on the {mention location} of the car. I already took a car to the mechanic and the scratch is removed now.

You gave me your car and it was my responsibility to take care. I apologize for my carelessness, and the damage done to your vehicle. The dent or scratch is removed now, but there is some work which is to be done. Please contact me at {contact information} so that we can work out reparations whenever is convenient for you.

Again, I’m very sorry.





Letter of Apology for Hitting Car

Sample 2:

Dear Owner of {Car Make/Model},

I’m writing this letter to inform you that I hit your car last night. There is a dent or scratch on your car at {location} of the car. I get scared and immediately run away from there. Now, I realize my mistake. I know how much care for your car and how you brought that with your hard earned money.

It was very carelessness of me to do such a thing. I would like to pay to fix it, as soon as necessary. Please contact me at {contact information} so that we can work out reparations whenever is convenient for you.




We hope that you find these apology letter samples and able to write down a nice Apology for Hitting Car. If these letters serve their purpose then why not share with other people as well on social media platforms. If you’ve any suggestion or demand to make then use the comment section. Keep on checking this space for more apology letter samples and examples.

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