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Apology for Damaging Borrowed Car: If you are here, then you might have damaged someone’s car that you’ve borrowed. It’s good that you’ve decided to say sorry for this mistake. People are attached to their vehicles a lot and if you’ve damaged someone car then you must write an apology letter and forward it to that person. Normally, people don’t give their four-wheeler, however, if somebody gave you, then you must be special to that person and he trusts you a lot. If by any mistake, you end up damaging his/ her car, then it is advised to use apology samples from below and write an apology letter to say sorry and to regain your friend’s trust back.


Apology for Damaged Borrowed Car


Dear {Name},

I am sorry that I damaged your brand new car. You trusted me and gave your car once I asked for it. Despite my great care, your car met with an accident due to {mention reason}. It was never my intention to do something like that, but things got so much crazy that I end up hitting your car.

I will pay for all the repairs. I hope that our friendship isn’t affected by this mistake of mine. You’re a dear person to me and I can’t see you upset or angry.


Thanks again for your generosity. Please let me know of any other ways I can help make up for the damage and inconvenience.

Your friend,



Letter of Apology for Damaging Borrowed Car


Dear {Name},

Something horrible happened that day {mention day} which damaged your car. I borrowed your car for {mention reason}, everything was going fine and I parked your car at {place}. A car was parked safely, but someone came from behind and hit the car so hard that it broke the back headlight.

Your trusted me and gave your car, so it was my responsibility to take care of that, but I failed. So, I would like to apologize for this and would request you that allow me to pay for all the damages that have occurred.

I don’t want our relationship to go bad because of this mistake. Please forgive me and allow to pay back.


Your friend,



So, these are few apology letters which can be used to apologize for damaging someone car. Hopefully, these samples serve their purpose by providing what you were looking for. Keep on visiting Get Apology Letter for more apology letter samples in .doc format.

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