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Apology for Breaking Item: Have you broken somebody’s important or precious item? People are actually attached to their material things for any possible reason. How would you feel if somebody just broke your precious item and didn’t even apologize for that? You would feel hurt, right? That apology is not going to bring that item back but at least the person would feel better. So, if you’ve intentionally or unintentionally ended up breaking something important then why not apologize and make things better again.

We’ve shared few samples that will help you in making an apology for breaking item. Use these samples to create your own apology or use them as it is, depends on you. A simple apology isn’t going to make you a smaller person, letting go of your ego is the best thing you could do today. Pick any sample as per your situation and write down a beautiful piece of apology.

Apology for Breaking Item

Sample 1:

Dear {Name},

I’m writing this apology to apologize for the blunder that I did on {Mention day/ date} at {mention place} by breaking your important {item}. I swear that was unintentional, but it was very rude of me to just walk away without even apologizing for it.

I realize my mistake when I get back home. I could have handled the situation in a different way. My careless attitude hurts you a lot and I want to apologize for that.

We share a beautiful bond together. I know it can’t replace it, but please accept {payment/offering} as a small offering of my regret. I’m so sorry for not treating your belongings with more care and respect.





Letter of Apology for Breaking Item

Sample 2:

Dear {Name},

Please accept my apologies for breaking your precious {item}. I understand how much attached you’re with {Item} and how much it means for you. It was very careless of me to break that. I didn’t do that intentionally, but it happened and I take the full responsibility of that.

I feel terrible for my mistake, please accept {payment/offering} as a small offering of my regret. Once again I’m extremely sorry for my disrespectful and careless attitude.




A total of two samples of apology for breaking items are shared here. If you’ve broken somebody precious item then use the samples shared above to make an apology letter and apologize for your mistakes. Hopefully, these samples are useful for you, if yes, then make sure to share this post with other people as well who may need them. Keep on checking this space for more apology letters, samples, and examples.

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