Formal Letter of Apology – Sample, Format

Looking for a formal apology letter sample to say sorry for a mistake. If yes, then check out the samples of formal letter of apology from below and prepare your own apology letter by using the sample format. Everyone makes mistake, it’s okay to do mistakes only if you know how to apologize for the same. If you are not good at saying sorry then simply check the apology letters shared on this web page.

It’s kinda difficult to write a formal apology letter because you have to be very certain and specific while writing a formal letter. Make sure to follow the correct format and use the right words. Note that, words can either make your apology letter or simply destroy it, so you have to be very careful while choosing the words for your apology letter. Few samples are shared below, check them to see how they can help you in preparing a good sample of apology letter.

Formal Letter of Apology


Most commonly we write a formal letter of apology to our boss, teacher, mentor, or professor. If you have made them pissed due to any reason then it is a time to make things better by writing a Sorry letter, Check out the sample of an apology letter from below to see how you need to write a well prepared formal apology letter. Take reference from this sample to make your own letter or simply use it as it is by making few changes.


Sample 1: Formal Apology Letter to Boss


Dear {Boss Name}

Please forgive me for missing my work deadline of {mention time period}. I’ve not able to deliver work on time due to a family emergency. I’ve always been very serious about work deadlines but missed this time. I want to sincerely apologize for this mistake and I assure you that this type of thing won’t happen again in the future.

I am very much interested in working with you and team. I hope that you pardon me this time. I am looking forward to hearing something from you.


{Sender’s Name}


Sample 2: Apology Letter for missing Interview


Dear {Receipient},

I want to sincerely apologize for missing the interview on {mention date} at {mention place}. Due to a problem in personal life, I needed to cancel at the last minute on the day of the Interview. I am very much interest in {Company’s name} and would appreciate your consideration in scheduling another interview.

I would be willing to visit you in {Place} at your convenience. I am looking forward to a second chance to discuss my qualification with you. Once again, please accept my apology.


{Sender’s Name}

Formal Apology Letter Sample


Dear {Recipient}

Please accept this letter as my formal apology for what happened on {methion date, time etc.}

Whatever happened was very wrong and I never intended to cause any damage or inconvenience. While it’s not possible to reverse things and there is no excuse for {my behavior, what happened, etc…}, knowing the cause will help me guard against future mistakes.

Again, I apologize for what happened. Please feel free to call me at {phone}, if you would like to continue the conversation. I am looking forward to hearing something from you and putting this matter behind us.



So these are few samples of apology letter which can be used to prepare a formal letter of apology. If you like these Formal Apology Letters then please share them with other people as well who might be in search of these type of letters. Make sure to bookmark this site and share with other people who might require these letters. Have a good day, people.

Apology Letter to Teacher – Sample, Examples

Apology Letter to Teacher: Misbehaved with a teacher? Cheated in an exam? Talking in the class? We often do these things as a student, if you’ve done any of these and looking say sorry to your teacher then check out the sample, examples of letter of apology to a teacher. A teacher is someone who guides us throughout our career, it is a teacher who helps in making a foundation of a strong career. So, it is not cool at all to make your teacher angry. If you did this mistake then it is recommended to apologize for your mistake.

Don’t know how to write an apology letter to teacher? Can’t find suitable words to say sorry? We often find ourselves in a situation where we want to apologize but don’t know how to convey that apology through words. If you’re in this situation, then don’t worry, use the examples or samples shared below to make your own apology letter.

Sample of Letter of Apology to Teacher

Use the samples shared in this section if you’ve cheated on the exam, and want your parents to write an apology letter to the teacher.

apology letter to teacher for cheating


Dear Sir/ Mam,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere apologies for cheating in the exam which was conducted on {mention day}. I admit that I was not prepared and instead of working hard, I chose the method of cheating which is not appropriate at all. By doing this, I lost the ethics and I am extremely sorry and I assure that I won’t repeat this mistake ever in my life.

I will try to regain your faith back and shall prove to be the best student. I hope that you pardon me this time considering as a childish mistake and I assure you that I shall behave like a matured person.

Your’s Faithfully,

{Name of Sender}


Apology Letter to Teacher Examples

Use the samples shared in this section if you have not done or completed your homework or want to apology for talking in the class.

apology letter to teacher for not doing homework


Dear Sir/ Mam,

Through this letter, I would like to express my sincere apology for not completing the homework. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life {mention issue}. I do agree that these issues should not come in between my work and I assure you that I will be doing my homework in future regardless of issues.

I hope that you will accept this apology and allow me to continue to grow under your guidance.

Your’s Truly,

{Name of Sender}

apology letter to teacher for talking in class


Formal Apology Letter to Teacher


Dear {Teacher’s Name}

I want to apologize for what I {said, did, etc} on {mention day}. I’ve come to realize that my behavior/actions were extremely childish and disrespectful to you and the school.

I promise that this type of stupid behavior won’t happen again in the future and you can expect formal and better behavior from me. I have made a mistake and learned a lot from this mistake, this experience brings professionalism in my behavior and you will see that in the classroom as well.

I highly respect you and recognize your dedication to education and your commitment to making students a better person. I hope our relationship won’t have any impact due to my actions. I want to learn and grow under your guidance.


So these are Apology Letter to the teacher which can be used by students if they have made any mistake during the class or school hours.  Use them samples to make your own apology letter as per the situation.  Make sure to bookmark this site and share with other people who might require these letters. Have a good day, people.

Apology Letter for Behavior

Apology Letter for Behavior: Intentionally or unintentionally we often make misbehavior mistakes which lead to problems. If you’ve ever misbehaved with somebody then it’s time to apologize and make things better. Get a letter of apology for behavior from below as per your situation. To cover a wide range of situations, here we have shared many apology letters sample, so pick any letter as per your situation, edit it to make your own apology letter.

Either you’re a student or a working professional, everyone misbehaves due to a bad mood or any other situation. It’s not cool to misbehave even though a person is pissing you off badly. It’s important to maintain your cool and behave in a dignifies manner but if you’ve misbehaved with somebody and looking for a well-prepared apology letter then scroll down below and find one.

Apology Letter for Behavior

In this section, you will find three apology letters i.e. letter for misbehavior in school, misbehavior with a boss, and misbehavior in class. If you’re in any of these situations then check out the apology letter sample from below.

Apology Letter for bad behavior in school/ class

 Dear Sir/ Mam,

I am writing this letter to sincerely apologize for my inappropriate and child like behavior in school/ class. I deeply regret my actions and conduct and I am really sorry for the troubles that I caused during the class lecture.

It was foolish of me to behave in a disrespectful manner. I am really sorry for acting so childish, immature, and insincere. What I did was indeed unacceptable and disrespectful.

I offer you my deepest apologies. Please accept my apology and I promise that this type of misbehavior won’t happen again in the future.


{Your Name}

Apology Letter to boss for bad behavior


Dear Sir/ Mam,

I would like to sincerely apologize for my behavior on {menthion date}. I can only attribute it to the high level of stress that I am facing because of my {mention reason}. I know this is not an excuse for misbehavior at an office. But, I request you to kindly overlook my mistake and please forgive me.

I assure you that this type of behavior won’t be repeated again in the future.

Thank You,


{Your Name}

Letter of Apology for Behavior

Have you ever rude to your customer? or behaved unprofessionally? If yes, then find the apology letter sample from below for these situations to make a good apology letter.

Apology Letter to customer for rude behavior


Dear {Receiver’s Name},

I want to apologize for my abruptness with you in our conversation {mention day}. I didn’t do a very good job of letting you know how important you are to our business.

This type of behavior has never happened before, I was equally shocked. I never allowed my personal problems to come in my professional life, but that happened on that day.

Please accept my apologies. I am looking forward to having a conversation with you in the future.

With best regards,


{Sender’s Name}


Sample letter of Apology for Misconduct

Dear {Sir/ Mam}

I sincerely want to apologize for what I {said, did, } on {mention day}. I’ve come to realize that my behavior was extremely inappropriate, childish. I shouldn’t have behaved this way and  lacked the respect {you, organization} deserved. It was a disruption and distracted others from {doing their job, learning, etc…}.

It was embarrassing, but I learned that nobody appreciated my poor behavior. In the future, I have every intention of curbing my thoughtless actions and learn to adjust my behavior befitting the environment and situation.

Again, I am sorry for my actions and I hope that we can put this matter behind us. I look forward to {working, learning from, etc…} you {again/soon}. If you have any thoughts in this, please feel free to share. You may contact me at your convenience at {email/phone}.

{Sender Name}

So these are Apology Letter for Behavior, use them to create your apology letter as per the situation. If you want other apology letters then please check out our site. We are updating it on regular basis with new well-prepared apology letters. Make sure to bookmark this site and share with other people who might require these letters. Have a good day, people.

Apology Letter to Boss – Sample, Format

Apology Letter to Boss: Have you ever made your boss angry? Silly question, everyone does, right?. It happens with most of us that sometimes unintentionally we make our boss angry. If you’re in this situation then its time to apologize to make things better. You have to be extra careful when it comes to apologize to boss, you can’t be casual about it, you have to subtle and professional, so writing a professional apology is a task as your career is at risk. So, if you don’t know how to apologize or couldn’t find the right words to do that then don’t worry this is where Get Apology Letter is going to help you.

It’s alright to make mistakes only if you know how to apologize for them. This web page is loaded with apology letter to boss samples and formats. If you have made your boss pissed and looking for professional apology letter then it is recommended to check out the apology letters from below and pick anyone as per your situation.

Apology Letter to Boss

If you’ve made any general mistake or not performing good then check out the apology letters from below. Read them carefully and write down your own apology letter by taking reference. Make sure to be professional and to the point.

Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Performance


{Name of Boss}


{Company Name}0

Dear Sir,

I would like to apologize for my poor performance at work from last few weeks. I have unable to deliver the results on time, missed my deadlines, and have lost a few clients. I fully understand that my poor performance is affecting our company’s reputation and image.

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now due to which i lost that balance between personal and professional life. I understand that this is highly unprofessional to let my personal life negatively affect my job.

I love the work that i do and I love {Company name}. I promise to never give poor performance again. Please accept my sincere apologies for the last few weeks work performance.

Thank You.

{Your Name}

Apology Letter to Boss for Mistake


Dear Sir/ Mam,

I have been working with {Company Name} from the last {time period} and I have been highly professional and sincere through out this time period. But there was a mistake which have been made by me recently {State Mistake}.

In this regard, I want to convey my sincerest apology to you. I know that the incident may have offended or made you angry somewhere, and I wish to tell you that it was not intentional.

A mistake has been made and I am ready to face the consequences of my actions. I respect your decisions a lot and will accept every decision of your with a warm smile.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,

{Your Name}

Letter of Apology to Boss

Misbehavior is something which no one will tolerate. If you ever been rude or misbehaved with your boss then it’s time to apologize. Also, if you took a leave from office without prior notice to your boss then check out the apology letter for that as well from below.

Apology Letter to Boss for Misbehavior


Dear Sir/ Mam,

I would like to sincerely apologize and deeply regret for my misbehavior during {explain situation}. I understand our company rules and regulations yet I behaved disrespectful and unprofessional so I apologize for my actions.

I ensure that similar incidents won’t happen again in the future. I have taken steps to never done such a horrible mistake.

I respect our professional relationship a lot and have this strong believe that our teamwork will continue to produce solid work that will benefit {Company Name}.

{Your Name}

Apology Letter to Boss for Absence


Use these apology letters as a reference to write down your own apology letter. A word (.doc) file is available below each letter which can be downloaded easily. Download the apology letter file, make changes as per your situation and then forward it your boss. If you like these letters, then share with your colleagues as well who might need them.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend – Sorry Letter

Looking for Apology Letter to Girlfriend? Then check out few samples from below and write down your apology letter by keeping the format in mind. However, there is no need of format when it comes to apologizing to your love but still, it is important to use the right words in a right possible way. Words can either make your day or ruin it, so choose your words smartly while apologizing. Girls have this habit of getting on small-small things and at the same time getting happier for little things. So write down your apology letter smartly with your heart to bring that smile on your girl’s face.

Various apology letter to girlfriend samples are shared on this web page according to various situations, check them out from below, take reference and write down your own apology letter.

Lette of Apology to Girlfriend

Here are two situations that often comes, if you’ve had a fight with your girl or you lied then use the following letter to apologize.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend after fight


Dear Girl’s Name,

I am Sorry!!

I am Sorry!!

I don’t know how many times I should say sorry for what I’ve done so that you forgive me. Beleive me I have come to realize this yesterday’s fight was completely my fault and I should not be so hurtful to you. I know you loved and always want to see my happy, but I hurt you so badly.

I have now realized that you matter a lot in my life and could do anything to bring that smile on your face again. I was so stupid that I fought with you just for that silly reason. Please forgive me and give me just one chance to prove that I love you and I won’t ever give you a single chance to complain.

Please forgive me, my love.

Yours only


Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Lying


Dear Girl’s Name,

I know that my lies have damaged our relationship beyond repair, but I want you to know that I still care and love the same. I know it will be hard for you to forgive me but I want you to look into my eyes to see that I am truly sorry.

Love you, my love

More Apology Letter Girlfriend

Here are two more situations that might come, so if you’ve had ignored your girl or had cheated on her then use the following letter to make things a little better.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Cheating


Dear Honey,

Words will never express how sorry I am, but I hope that it is a good start.

I am Sorry.

I am unable to say this face to face to you that there has been a huge mistake done on my part. The thing is that I have put a hole in our beautiful relationship and this hole is quite large. I was too afraid to tell you in person and hence I am apologizing to you in this way.

The damage that I have done is huge but still, I hope that you will forgive me and give me one chance to make things better. I can’t bear to see you unhappy because of my actions. When our relationship began, I promised myself that I would make you happy. I failed. I failed both of us.I understand my mistake and apologize with all my heart. Please forgive me.

Your Name

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Ignoring her


Dear Love,

I apologize for ignoring you from the last few days, I’ve not been doing this purposely but there is a situation {explain situation} in my life which forced me to do that.

You’re too important of a person to lose and I hate myself for realizing that now rather than earlier. I understand the gravity of the situation, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Please call me when you have the chance.

A lot of situation happens in a relationship when a boy needs to apologize for his mistakes to make everything alright. These are few of that situations, if you’re in any of these situations then use these apology letters to get out of that situation. If you find these letters useful and know someone who might require these that all you need to do is click on the sharing buttons below


Apology Letter for Mistake – Work, Client, Teacher

Here you can get some Apology Letter for Mistakes, download them in Word, PDF format. Human beings make mistake at every stage of life. There is not a single person in this world who has never made any mistake. It’s okay to make mistakes, everyone does, but it’s not okay to not apologize. If you have committed a mistake then you should apologize for that. Keeping your ego up and not apologizing is not going to do anything well. Apologize and move forward in life, this is how it works right? Well, there are plenty of people who want to apologize but couldn’t find right words to do that. Apologizing should be from the heart and the person whom you’re apologizing must get this feeling that you’re doing this from your heart.

Keeping that in mind, here we’ve shared few Apology Letter for Mistake sample that can be used by people around the world. Just have a look at these letters and pick the one that you find apt or suitable as per your situation.

Download Apology Letter for Mistake

If you ever been rude or bad to someone or looking to write professional apology letter then check the samples shared below. Read the content and try to write your own apology letter by keeping that format in mind.

Apology Letter for Mistake At Work


Mr. Name of person

Mention Department

Dear Sir/ Mam,

I humbly write to you to express my deepest apologies for the misconduct I was involved in at work. I am a very professional person and respect my work place a lot. I have an excellent performance record since I was employed in this company and it saddens me to the extreme that has caused such a mistake. I am fully aware of company rules and guidelines. I will undergo the due process and face the consequences of my action as per company rules. I assure that such mistake won’t happen again and I will give my 100 % at work and try to regain your trust in my capacity again.

My Sincere apologies, again.


Your Name

Apology Letter for Mistake to Client


To ,

Managing Director

Company’s Name


Dear Sir/ Mam

On behalf of (mention your company’s name), kindly accept our sincere apologies for not providing you a high standard of hospitality/services. We sincerely apologize for this mistake, we regret the inconvenience that you have to go through because of this.

As a gesture of good will, please accept an (offer something good). I am sure you will overlook the mistake our part this time and would continue your business association with.

We are looking forward to a more positive and fruitful association with you in the future.

Thanking you.


Your Name

Apology Letter for Mistake to Teacher


Dear Sir/Mam,

I deeply regret my actions on (day of a week) and would like to offer my sincere apologies for that mistake.

What i did was completely distracting, childish, and disrespectful. I promise to be respectful to you and my fellow students.

I value your commitment to instructing and guiding me to success. In the future, i will practice more restraint and professionalism so as not to repeat this type of mistake.



Letter of Apology for Mistakes Sample

Dear {Recipient}

I sincerely apologize for my mistake. I request you to please accept my deepest apologies for my mistake in regard to {state mistake}.

It was never my intentions to make such a horrible and awkward moment for {you, institution, the team, company, etc}.

This mistake has taught me a lot of good things, I have learned how to handle situations with maturity and learned alternative approaches to tackle situations.

Please accept my apologies and let me know your thoughts and concerns over this matter. You can reach me at {email, phone number}.

So these are few letters that can be used if you’ve made any mistake in your life and want to apologize for it. If you find these letters useful and know someone who might require these that all you need to do is click on the sharing buttons below to share these apology letters with that person. Check out other categories of Apology Letters. Use the comment section to communicate with us.